What we stand for

​Our vision is to be one of the first companies in the bicycle industry which offers the complete range of products made from 100% recycled or 100% organic fabrics that have been manufactured under fair conditions.

The idea was to design MTB clothing that looks restrained and casual. While researching how we could make our clothes, we learned a lot about how conventional clothes are made. Even during the research, it was clear to us that we didn't want to categorize ourselves there and made plans on how we could produce our clothes under fair conditions on the one hand, but also ecologically correct on the other.


Since we founded our company in Stuttgart, Germany, it is important to us not to have our production on the other side of the world. So we try to get all of our products and the raw materials for them from Europe.


Our philosophy is to be honest and to make the world a little bit better. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to produce all of our products under our own fair and ecologically correct conditions, but we are working to the greatest possible extent so that we can also manufacture our not yet completely correct clothing as quickly as possible, ecologically and fairly.


Our MTB jerseys are our pioneering product!

The fabric for the jersey is made from 100% recycled plastic and comes from Italy. With a very modern and employee-friendly sewing shop in Poland, we develop the patterns together. Our jerseys are produced in the same sewing shop. In our office in Stuttgart, Germany, we then refine the jerseys with a high-quality foil print.


All other products are also printed, finished, packaged and dispatched by us here. We also pay attention to the details that everything is as fair and sustainable as possible. For example, our care labels are made from recycled plastic and our packaging is made from 100% paper.


If we manage to make you happy with our products and our product is your new favorite, we have achieved our goal.


We want to make the world a little better and have a lot of fun right away!