Looking for a sock that is super breathable and has an urban look? Our PS sock series is exactly what you need. A specially knitted structure on the back of the foot reduces heat and sweat, so your feet cool down quickly and stay dry longer than with conventional socks.


Our PS sock series is completely made in Germany, from the yarn to the production to the paper packaging. The yarn for the socks is ÖkoTex Standard 100 certified.


If you are between sizes we recommend the smaller size as the socks run large.




     For the Environment

    In order to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible, we only use paper to pack our goods. All our products are therefore packed in bread paper bags, the jerseys for example in baguette bags. The Sweatshirts in medium sized bread bags. We only need two metal clips to close the bags.

    We are also committed to ensuring that all materials sent to us are packaged as little as possible. That is why we make sure that our goods are not sent to us individually packaged.


    do not dryclean


    do not bleach

    water temperature

    30°C or 80°F

    do not tumble dry

    do not iron

    If your Monserat product is very dirty, you can soak it before washing and remove the coarse dirt. This will ensure that your washing machine will not be damaged in the long run.

    To enjoy your Monserat product longer, it is best to wash it only at 30°C/80°F in a gentle cycle. Velcro fasteners can pull individual threads out of the fabric. To prevent this, wash items with Velcro separately, or make sure they are well closed so that the Velcro surface does not come loose during the wash cycle.


     And shred it longer





    With the purchase of our products you support Monserat in establishing fair and sustainable clothing for Mountainbike-Sports.

    Do you have any suggestions for improvement or questions?

    Please do not hesitate to get in Contact with us!